Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing and lawn care are our primary services at Ezy Gardening Perth. We offer lawn care services to residential and commercial customers. Let us look after your lawn, hassle-free and satisfaction guaranteed.

Weed control

Get rid of the weeds in your lawn, garden beds, driveway and more. We offer powerful weed control that can be safe for kids and pets. To learn more click the button below.


Fertilisation is an important step to keep your lawn healthy. We offer foliar and slow-release fertilisation, depending on your lawns needs. We usually make a few applications a year with different organic components to keep your lawn healthy.


Mulch comes in various colours and makes your garden look great. Ezy Gardening offers mulching services from picking up mulch from local suppliers to spreading mulch on your garden.


Ezy Gardening will check your reticulation system and sprinkler heads. We can flush your system, clean & replace sprinklers heads and set up your reticulation.


We offer de-thatching (also known as verti-mowing) for all types of lawns in Perth. This will help aerate your lawn while allowing more nutrients and water to penetrate down to the roots and soil. It is a recommended service to keep your  lawn at its best.

Clean up

Leaf blowing, car park clean, garden clean up and much more.
Click on the link below to see what clean up services we offer.

Hedge trimming

We provide hedge and tree trimming services here in Perth. Pick the shape and height trim you want. Note: height is limited to 3m high. Click the button below to learn more

Core aeration

This service will soon be offered by Ezy garening

Garden design

This service will soon be offered by Ezy garening


Lawn care awarness

Coming soon

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