Will buffalo grass reseed itself?

Can buffalo grass reseed itself?

Buffalo grass is a self-fertile plant, hence it is capable of producing seeds without the need for cross-pollination with another plant.  However, buffalo grass is not a particularly aggressive self-seeder, so it is not likely to spread quickly on its own.  It will produce seeds in late summer or early fall, and these seeds can be used to establish new buffalo grass plantings.

If you want to propagate buffalo grass, it is generally easier to do so manually with the different techniques mentioned in this post.

Manual reseeding

There are different ways to make your buffalo grass propagate faster than it can self-seed. Let’s go over a few techniques to help with grass reseeding


Overseeding is the process of planting seeds on top of an existing lawn or turf. It is often done to fill in bare or thin areas, to add a new grass variety to an existing lawn, or to improve the overall health and appearance of the turf.

Your buffalo grass should be mowed short, the soil should be loosened and prepared, and the seeds should be evenly distributed and lightly covered with soil or a starter fertilizer

It can be done at any time of the year, however, try to avoid hot summer. The chance of success will be higher if it’s done during wet & cool weather. Seeds need to stay wet to germinate.

Once the seedlings have grown to a sufficient size, they can be mowed to blend in with the rest of the lawn.

For more information on overseeding buffalo grass, we have an in-depth article on the Ezy gardening website.

Buffalo Plug 

Grass plugs are small sections of grass that are generally grown in a tray. They are used to establish a new lawn or repair bare or thin areas in an existing lawn.

They can be planted directly into the soil and as they grow and fill in, they will eventually form a continuous lawn.

There are a few reasons why plugging might be more advantageous than seeding: 

  • Easier to handle and plant than seeds, which can be difficult to spread evenly
  • More established than seedlings, so they have a better chance of surviving and thriving in their new location
  • More precise and controlled planting process, as they can be carefully spaced and positioned to ensure an even, uniform lawn



This is the most common way to establish grass. A sod lawn is a type of lawn that is established by planting sod, or pre-grown grass and soil that is cut into squares or rolls.

It is a good option for establishing a new lawn quickly and with minimal effort, and it is also useful for repairing bare or damaged areas in an existing lawn

Final words

The rate of buffalo grass spreading will vary with different conditions and the method of propagation. We have an entire article that goes into more in detail on the rate and spread of buffalo grass

Buffalo grass will reseed by itself however it takes time so patience is the key. If you want your grass to propagate there are faster methods such as sod, plug and overseeding. 

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